If you’re planning a fall wedding, you’ve already made a fantastic choice. Personally as a wedding photographer, I love fall weddings. They’re glamorous, intimate, fabulous, and they’ve got all the warm and cozy vibes you could ever wish for. And as a photographer, they’re so much fun to shoot, especially because all the colors and the outfits guests and the wedding party wear. If you’re planning a fall wedding, here’s some wedding Photographer approved decoration tips.

Embrace the Seasonal Colors

First things first, when planning your fall wedding, you’ve got to embrace the season like it’s a long-lost friend. A lot of couples think that fall wedding decor is just throwing a few leaves around and calling it a day, but there’s so much more that you can do during this season. Fall weddings are so magical when you allow yourself to be immersed in the magic of autumn.

Fall wedding decor is all about using warm, earthy tones. Think rich burgundies, burnt oranges, and deep plums. You can also use different materials like terracotta, porcelain, and colored glass in your wedding decor. It’s also a season that lends itself really well to transitional fabrics, like heavy knits that are normally seen in the winter or linens that are seen in the summer months. This gives you so much room to play and layer tables capes and other details to show off your personality and unique love story.

Fall Wedding Aisle Decor

I love a beautiful fall ceremony. Some of my favorite trends right now are burlap or deep-colored carpet sprinkled with leaves, pumpkins, and lanterns. It’s also incredibly magical when instead of confetti or bubbles, couples use natural elements for their confetti, like brown and red leaves or fresh fall flowers.

Fall Reception Magic

I always tell couples that your reception venue is basically the canvas for your fall wedding masterpiece. This is really where couples get to tell their stories, connect with their loved ones, and share little details that connect the two. During the fall, table scapes can become beautiful and layered, bringing a sense of warmth to the environment. I love seeing wooden farm tables or rustic-inspired linens in those rich hues. And as a photographer, I absolutely adore seeing candles, lanterns, and fall foliage as centerpieces–they make the photos look so magical and are always a talked about feature.

Fall Wedding Outdoor Details

If your fall wedding is going to be outside, there’s so many beautiful details that you can add. My favorites are wooden or floral ceremony arches that match the theme of the wedding. I also love when couples incorporate blankets or pashminas as favors for the chilly weather–they’re always a hit and can be purchased in bulk. Also, if you’re in an environment where your fall is usually a little rainy and you want an outdoor ceremony, it’s always really adorable when couples provide umbrella favors to the guests. It’s also such a beautiful detail in wedding photos and guests really love receiving them.

Additionally, a really popular trend right now is to do a bonfire lounge, where guests can relax during the ceremony. These can look either really glamorous with lava rock bonfires and cozy seating or really cozy with hay bales and plaid blankets. The options are endless and it’s always a hit with guests and couples.

Fall Wedding Little Details

It’s no secret that I love wedding details. I think they tell the best story about the couple and they’re one of my favorite things to shoot as a wedding photographer in Atlanta. Some of my favorite trends I’m currently seeing is couples incorporating fall stationery into guest books, invites, and thank you cards. I also think it’s super adorable when couples find fall themed favor tags that fit their color scheme or decor style. And it’s always a big hit when couples work with their vendors to create fall themed signature cocktails.

Planning a fall wedding is like embracing everything that fall uniquely has–the colors, the coziness, and the crispness in the air. It’s such a unique time of year that allows you to tell your love story in a unique way and gives you the ability to throw an intimate and cozy wedding, no matter the size of the party. If you’re currently planning your wedding and are interested in working with me, reach out via our contact page.


Photographer: Stepping Stones Photography

Venue: Primrose Cottage

Florist: A Divine Event

Venue: Flat Rock Farms

Venue: Terminus 330

Florist: Harts & Petals

Venue: Brick & Ivey

Florist: Bloom & Ivey Weddings

Venue: Cathedral of Christ the King

Venue: Crane Creek Vineyards

Florist: The Flower Garden

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