Hey there, folks! It’s time to grab your cozy spot and settle in for a delightful tale of love, laughter, and a memorable pillow fight anniversary session! I’m so excited to share the story of Allie and Zack’s one-year anniversary session at Kiah Studios, an epic journey from engagement to wedding and beyond.

As their trusted photographer, I had the absolute pleasure of capturing Allie and Zack’s love story from the very beginning. Our relationships grew with every click. And honestly that’s how I prefer it. I really desire to get to know my couples and hope that our relationship doesn’t stop at a mere transaction. I got to see Allie and Zack celebrate their one-year milestone in a session that will forever be etched in my memory.

We chose the picturesque setting of Kiah Studios for our at-home session, and boy, did they have it all! The Studio has everything you could possibly need in a house to set the perfect mood. It’s a photographer’s dream come true!

What made this session exceptional was Allie and Zack’s contagious zest for life and their ability to embrace pure joy. They are the epitome of a fun-loving couple, and it’s evident in every frame. As the session drew to a close, the atmosphere transformed into a scene straight out of a movie. Feathers flew through the air as they engaged in an epic pillow fight, leaving me in awe of the mess I was going to clean up. But it was so worth it!

I have so much love my heart feels like it’s going to burst!

What sets my heart aglow is the bond that forms between my clients and me. Allie, Zack, and I have become more than just photographer and clients; we’re friends. The same holds true for Allie’s twin sister Katie, whose wedding I had the honor of photographing right after Allie’s. Together, we’re planning an adventure to an Atlanta United soccer game, creating memories that extend beyond the camera lens.

I’m so grateful of the profound privilege it is to document love stories. I love capturing a couple’s connection, their laughter, and the tiny moments that make their hearts beat faster fills me with immeasurable joy.

So here’s to Allie and Zack, a couple who exemplifies love, friendship, and the importance of never losing sight of the childlike wonder within us. I hope their journey continues to be filled with laughter, adventure, and a whole lot of pillow fights!

Also, if anyone is down to do another Pillow Fight Anniversary Session let me know and I’m HERE FOR IT!

couple laying on bed
Couple session in the kitchen
Couple kissing photographed by atlanta wedding photographer
Couple pillow fight on the bed photography session
Pillow fight anniversary session
Pillow fight anniversary session

Let’s make it official! 

Here’s to capturing life’s next step