Deciding on a wedding weekend in Atlanta involves more than just the ceremony; couples should aim to make their guests’ time away from home special! Learn how to organize a whole weekend of celebrations for your guests and give them an unforgettable warm Southern welcome in the beautiful city of Atlanta.

Ponce City Rooftop Atlanta Wedding Venue

Tips To Help You Plan Your Atlanta Wedding Weekend

Take into account the following things before you start organizing your wedding guests’ fun-packed weekend:

  • Give out Atlanta-Inspired welcome bags: Add a personal touch for your guests and include items like city guides showcasing Atlanta’s sites and locally sourced snacks to immerse guests in the warmth and culture of the city.
  • Create an Atlanta Exploration itinerary: Plan a variety of pre-wedding events to show off the city’s richness, like trips to the Atlanta History Center, strolling along the BeltLine, and seeing the city’s neighborhoods.
  • Host an iconic welcome gathering: Pick a location for the welcome reception that is centered in Atlanta and set the mood for a charmingly Southern weekend, such as Ponce City Market or The Fox Theatre’s Marquee Club
  • Expose your guests to a southern flavors showcase: Allow guests to enjoy the city’s varied and delicious cuisine at every occasion, from a rehearsal dinner at Canoe to a farewell brunch at The Sun Dial Restaurant.
  • Get a photographer for your engagement and events: Weddings may bring ideas of getting photographers for the ceremony and reception, but when in the city of Atlanta, you need to think big! Consider hiring a local Atlanta photographer who can not only take beautiful pictures at all your events, from welcome gatherings to farewell brunches but who also knows the local area and the best places to get some truly stunning photos.

Finding ways to bring the city’s flair to every part of your wedding celebration, from southern-inspired welcome bags to a wedding dinner filled with dishes from Atlanta’s cuisine, will ensure your guests have lasting memories of your special occasion.

Pre-Wedding Activities

Engage your guests in pre-wedding activities that will take them on an unforgettable tour of Atlanta. Provide a variety of experiences that highlight the dynamic culture of the city, such as touring well-known sites like the Georgia Aquarium or strolling through the storied Piedmont Park. Urge visitors to explore Atlanta’s well-known theaters, museums, and vibrant neighborhoods to guarantee a balance between adventure and leisure. Couples can turn a destination wedding into an unforgettable weekend event by organizing a variety of local excursions that let guests fully enjoy Atlanta’s charms and attractions.

Our Pre-Wedding Location Suggestions:

  • Georgia Aquarium: Immerse yourself in an aquatic paradise at the Georgia Aquarium, where visitors can take in the magnificent marine life, which includes colorful coral reefs and captivating beluga whales.
  • Piedmont Park: Take a break from the bustle of the city and visit Piedmont Park, a vast urban green space with plenty of greenery, peaceful walking routes, and picturesque lake views for a peaceful day spent outdoors.
  • High Museum of Art: The High Museum of Art offers an immersive art experience for visitors with its wide collection of world-class artwork, ranging from modern installations to historic masterpieces.

Use one of Atlanta’s unique venues for a pre-festivities party as a small-scale prelude to the wedding day. Couples can create a cozy and unforgettable atmosphere in a variety of venues, from chic rooftops to quaint historic buildings. 

To build the mood for the upcoming festive weekend, encourage socializing and toasts. Couples can provide guests with a real Atlanta experience and build relationships by choosing distinctive locations that encapsulate the city’s essence. This way, everyone is welcomed by the southern charm and friendliness that are at the core of Atlanta’s wedding celebrations.

Welcome Gathering

Throw a welcome party that embodies Atlanta hospitality for a fun start to the wedding celebrations. Think about locations like the Atlanta Botanical Garden, which provides a fanciful setting amid vivid blooms, or The Fox Theatre’s Marquee Club, which offers guests a glitzy rooftop experience with skyline views. 

Enhance the welcome party with regional cuisine and entertainment to make visitors feel completely welcomed by the friendliness and charm of the city. These distinctive locations offer the ideal environment for an enjoyable party, establishing the mood for a weekend full of happiness, camaraderie, and the special essence of Atlanta’s captivating welcome.

Our Welcome Gathering Location Suggestions:

  • Ponce City Market: This iconic venue is the perfect place for a lively welcoming celebration because it offers a variety of interesting stores, specialty cuisines, and entertainment alternatives. 
  • SkyLounge at the Glenn Hotel: Situated atop the hotel, SkyLounge offers stunning panoramic views of Atlanta’s skyline and creates a chic and sophisticated ambiance for a memorable welcome party.
  • Swan Coach House: Take your guests to a quaint Southern setting at this historic location encircled by lovely grounds. It is a perfect background for a rehearsal dinner or welcoming party.

Create a special rehearsal dinner to showcase Atlanta’s allure. Choose locations like the elegant Grand Overlook Ballroom of the Atlanta History Center, which combines refinement with historic charm, or the laid-back atmosphere of The Optimist’s Oyster Bar, which serves food with a coastal flair. Add unique touches to the evening, showcasing regional cuisine and establishing a cozy, welcoming ambiance. In addition to offering a different setting for the rehearsal dinner, these unique locations let couples incorporate Atlanta’s rich history into the occasion, resulting in treasured moments that capture the essence of the city’s Southern hospitality and get guests enthused about the upcoming wedding celebrations.

Wedding Day

While this article is about crafting a whole weekend of fun for your guests, the wedding is definitely the most important part!

Make sure that every second of the wedding day embodies Atlanta’s allure. Couples can design a wedding that will never be forgotten, from saying vows in famous locations like The Swan House to celebrating love in the lush Atlanta History Center gardens

In a setting of stunning scenery and old structures, Atlanta can provide Southern charm to any wedding. Couples can personalize their wedding day with Atlanta’s wide range of wedding venues, resulting in a day that not only brings two people together but also captures the distinct personality and charm of this energetic city, enchanting guests with Atlanta’s romantic atmosphere.

Farewell Brunch

Finish off your wedding weekend with a farewell brunch that captures the spirit of Atlanta’s delicious offerings. Choose quaint locations like Southern Art Restaurant for a taste of traditional Southern food or The Sun Dial Restaurant, where patrons can have breakfast while taking in expansive city views. Establish a laid-back vibe that will encourage attendees to share memories of the weekend’s events. Incorporate regional tastes into the brunch buffet to create a memorable and enjoyable farewell. A farewell brunch can be the ideal capstone to all the celebrations, bringing the wedding weekend to a close with love, friendship, and the unique tastes that characterize Atlanta’s food scene.

Our Farewell Gathering Location Suggestions:

  • Southern Art Restaurant: Located at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, Southern Art Restaurant creates an elegant yet welcoming ambiance for brunch gatherings by fusing traditional Southern cuisine with contemporary culinary methods.
  • Park Tavern: Located in Piedmont Park, Park Tavern is a diverse venue for a goodbye brunch with a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. It offers a leisurely and picturesque setting with both indoor and outdoor seating options.
  • Canoe: Located beside the Chattahoochee River, Canoe offers a lovely setting for a brunch party. Its award-winning cuisine and riverside patio make for an unforgettable farewell experience.

Make your Atlanta Wedding Weekend One Everyone Will Remember

The warmth, diversity, and Southern charm that characterize the dynamic city of Atlanta will be echoed in the memories that remain when your wedding weekend comes to an end. Atlanta will leave a lasting impression on your celebration, offering beautiful locations and cultural immersion.

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