From the uncontrollable laughter and subtle glances you share to your hilarious quirks and in-sync movement - these are the details that go beyond the traditional poses and carry the genuine emotion of your love story. As your photographer, I take the time to get to know you on a personal level and create a comfortable and enjoyable experience so you both feel free to be yourselves, (quirks and all), share intimate moments, and truly connect with each other. 

The Result:  Authentic photos that truly represent you.

Imagine you and your favorite person on your wedding day feeling totally at ease and in the moment….together.

And good photos are the byproduct of that.


“I really felt like she valued getting the most out of my time with her just as much as I did.”

Maggie was AMAZING to work with. She was always super responsive, and really walked me through all of the possibilities for my wedding photography while being very realistic. She made me feel so beautiful throughout the whole day! The timeline was super helpful, and I really felt like she valued getting the most out of my time with her just as much as I did. I would 100% recommend working with her, and I hope to have more life events photographed by her in the future.


If you need high-quality, professional pictures for your next event, look no further than Stepping Stones Photography. Maggie was an absolute pleasure to work with. My wife and I consider her to be a friend after our engagement and wedding planning process. Maggie did not live in the city where we had our engagement shoot and wedding. Despite not being as familiar, she took the time to scout out places that would make for memorable photos. Unfortunately, it poured rain on our wedding day but Maggie had a contingency plan and scouted out in-door locations to ensure our photos were exactly what we wanted. Most importantly, the photos she took are lifelong treasures that we will proudly display to our family members and future children. Maggie is a highly-skilled photographer and an even better person.

“She understood the assignment, aced it, 12/10 would recommend!”

We can’t recommend Maggie enough for your photography needs! She is talented and goes above and beyond. We are not great at posing but Maggie was so creative and directed us so well and our photos turned out amazing. The weather was ever changing in Atlanta the day of our shoot; Maggie took so much time to watch the weather like a hawk and was extremely flexible to work around it. Maggie’s husband, Sam, even came along to watch our dog since we couldn’t find a dog sitter! She is so fun to work with and I would continue to book her for future photoshoots. She understood the assignment, aced it, 12/10 would recommend.

“She made us feel comfortable and guided us throughout.”

Maggie is AMAZING! She shot my maternity photos and was so fun to work with. She made us feel comfortable and guided us throughout. Even our little puppy who is usually so skittish around new people became fast friends with Maggie. Our photos came out beautiful and we could not recommend her enough!

“She got to know us so our personalities would come through in photos.”

We're so happy we worked with Maggie for our wedding and would highly recommend her. From the engagement shoot to the wedding day, she was so fun to work with and helped us capture moments beautifully - with a great eye and great editing style. Throughout the process, she got to know us so our personalities would come through in photos and so we'd be comfortable throughout all the shots. So glad we found such an awesome photographer to help complete our day!

Wedding photographer, brunch connoisseur, karaoke rockstar, and lover of Jesus, puns, and USC football games


So let’s get to know each other already!

I love to ask questions and get to know people 😊- Seriously, leave me in a room with a complete stranger for 10 minutes, and I could leave telling you their whole life story. 

I can tear up a dance floor - I’ve got some killer dance moves that I deliver at every wedding (while I’m taking photos of course.)

I’m an enneagram 2w1 - Which basically means I’m naturally a caring servant. 

I’m a fierce plant mom. Why yes, I do name my plants when I bring them home. Phillipe, Oscar, Lil plant, Lola, Fluffy, and Fernie Sanders are just a few.

I love going on walks with my husband and bringing our cat along in my cat backpack. - I'm OBSESSED with it!

I’m passionate about traveling, experiencing new cultures and capturing beautiful moments from God’s creation.

Here’s what you should know about me…

on a personal level

And I can't forget our cat, Chloe - who also goes by Chlo bear, kitty meow meow, and scalawag

Aaaanddd I’m crazy in love with my husband, Sam
(often my unofficial official photography assistant)

Let’s make it official! 

Here’s to capturing life’s next step